We offer a wide range of destinations for your holidays on a sailboat, where you can choose your trip according with your time available, from one morning, day or weekend, up to 1 or 2 weeks crossing. It's also available the chance to customize your trip, so please do not hesitate to consult us without any commitment.


"Are you looking to stay in a hotel in San Blas islands Panama? A resort or something like that? We are sorry to disappoint you, but this paradise remains intact and free of mass tourism thanks to the native kunas of San Blas Panama.


And even the accommodations that there are more exclusive (the cabins / hotels in San Blas of the Kuna Yala Indians) are very basic and austere as they live... If you still want to travel to San Blas islands and you want us to tell you which is the best option to visit this `temple´ of nature, read on ...!"


Tours in San Blas island sailing on vacation with all inclusive.... 



1 full week -  All Saturdays from May to September

If you want...

... to be on the beach frontline every day?

... to reach most exclusive beaches without stain of sand?

... to do whale and dolphins sightings in freedom?

... to have in your hands the vastness of the sea?

... to enjoy amazing sunsets and sunrises?

Come to enjoy a whole week in Ibiza & Formentera on board of a gorgeus sailboat, sailing from Valencia living on board ship.

Itinerary: Valencia – Cala Benirrás (Ibiza) – Ensenada de Aubarca – San Antonio de Portmany – Cala D’Hort / islote de Es Vedrá – Illetas en Formentera – Espalmador – Cala Saona (Formentera)  – Cala Jondal (Ibiza) – Valencia.

A whole week, trip and accommodation included on the sailboat...



1 weekend - Spring & Autumn

The coastline of Jávea is well-know for its spectacular bays and sealine, with crystal-clear and turquoise color waters. You can choose to drive each year with car, full of all the stuff towards a busy beach, or now have other alternative...


Would you like the idea of to be on the front line of the beach every day, but neither wake up early nor caring for parking. It Is not neccesary to queuing to get a cold beer which will surely be quite expensive, because of you will have an electric refrigerator, full of your favourite brand and the kitchen at 2 metres, where you and your friends can cook that you wish. If you want go to the water, just jump, so you will have your "private beach" where nobody bother you. And after to take a swim, you can use your personal shower. You won't have to compete with anybody for 2 square meters, you will be on the beach... without sand


How is it possible? So come to Jávea with us on our sailboat!


And maybe you would think... this is for a rich people!!!, but look accommodation onboard, food, drink, fuel and Skipper ALL INCLUYED for...


1 Weekend - Spring & Autumn

Do you know what are and where are the Columbretes Islands? These are a group of islands, which constitutes a nature reserve, locateded about 30 miles away from Castellón coast and 50 miles to northem Valencia.


They are a very unique natural paradis rich in biodiversity.


They can be visited on a sailboat, just a stone´s throw away Valencia, a weekend leaving Friday night and come back on Sunday in the afternoon-night:


- If you are taking leasons of yacht skipper qualification or if you have already one and you are willing to navigate, this is the ideal cruise for you.

- If you are searching for total different weekend

- If you like to practise free snorkelling, here you will find a incredible variety of marine species everywhere you look.

- To midnight, you will be able to stargazing like never do it before, because in this place there isn´t light pollution coming from the coast.

A complete weekend, accommodation with a full pension and the trip included you can do it...

sky view of Columbretes islands
sky view of Columbretes islands

Isla Grossa in Columbretes Islands, where we can anchor our boat and stay a weekend of saling and relax

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Sunset from Grossa island
Sunset from Grossa island

Discover a unique place , isolate from everywhere: islas Columbretes. You will see amazing dawns, sunsets, and starry nights only from our boat deck

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sky view of Columbretes islands
sky view of Columbretes islands

Isla Grossa in Columbretes Islands, where we can anchor our boat and stay a weekend of saling and relax

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2 Weeks - All Summer

For the lovers of the sea and sailing. This is a crossing custom-made: 1.000 nautical miles of amazing trip offshore through the heart of Mediterranean Sea.


2 Full weeks, where we could visit some of the bays and landscapes most beautiful of the Marenostrum, through the coasts of Ibiza, Formentera, Cabrera, Mallorca, Menorca and the South and East of Sardinia.


In the South and even more especially all East coast of Sardinia, you could discover an incredible nature of live and intense colors. You could see authentic beaches of white sand , like pools. The Caribbean in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.


15 days of accommodation incluying trip...



1 - 2 Weeks - During all Summer and half Autumn

If your passion is scuba diving, do not take long flights and waste last day for Deco. Come with us in sailboat and get proffit up to the last moment in our destiny to do that you really want to do: TO DIVE


Go far away?.. Here in Spain you have dived paradises:  Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca, Columbretes, Jávea...

Come onboard our sailship, from Valencia, at night and by the next morning you will be diving them. We have a specifically designed scuba diving ship


1 or 2 Weeks in  life-onboard scuba diving cruise in a confortable 51 ft lengh ship. Besides to dive more and better, would be cheaper than other alternatives, as there aren't more hidden costs or indeterminate taxesi. CHECK THIS: 

1 Week with acommodation plus go/return trasnportation...



1 Morning 4 hours -  Every day of the year

Don´t you know what can you do on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning? We propose you a different plan: Came with us to sail on board of a wonderful sailboat just in Valencia city.


It is amazing to:

- Your celebrations, like birthdays or different meetings

- If you are thinking to obtain a yacht license like first approach

- If you have coast or Ocean authorisation, you can practise in a real boat, taking the wheel, as we'll do our best to teach you

- If you come with childrens, We guarantee everybody will be delighted

- Or take a swim within crystalline waters in the high seas

- If you practise the free diving we will take you to an immersion´s point, deep waters

- Feel the wind power,capable to move thousands of kilograms


Or if you just want to escape from stress, to relax for a  moment or have a sunbath, you can enjoy an amazing and complete Saturday and Sunday morning, 4 hours from 1000 am until 1400 pm, with brunch and softdrinks included...


From 1 day, 1 weekend, even Weeks - Along hole year 

Are you clear where and with who?

We can prepare you a tailor-made cruiser, based on your requirements

Could it be...

- A birthday onboard, 1 morning or 1 day

- A weekend in Javea or Denia

- A hole week in the exclusive Formentera

-  What about 10 days to visit Mallorca ?

Whatever you choose, we garantize you will enjoy your trip

Click on the button to know more... 

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