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"Would you like the idea of to be on the front line of the beach every day, but neither wake up early nor caring for parking. It Is not neccesary to queuing to get a cold beer which will surely be quite expensive, because of you will have an electric refrigerator, full of your favourite brand and the kitchen at 2 metres, where you and your friends can cook that you wish. If you want go to the water, just jump, so you will have your "private beach" where nobody bother you. And after to take a swim, you can use your personal shower. You won't have to compete with anybody for 2 square meters, you will be on the beach... without sand"


"If you travel alone, or if you are a small group and you wish enjoy a different weekend, we offer you a new and original plan which maybe you never have planned before: a weekend cruise on sailyacht around Denia and Jávea. Live the emeralds coast of Jávea from other point of view"


We meet us whatever weekend chosen during the Spring or Autumn. Essential: the weather forecast must be kindly. We make an appointment on Friday at 2000 p.m. in Valencia port, to learn, speak about rules of security, the behaviour onboard, knowledge of the sailboat, etc. under skipper explanations.

Track on sailboat to Jávea from Valencia one weekend

Once stow, distributed the cabins and have dinner, we set sail to Jávea over 2300pm.


We will arrive to Cala Portitxol or Cala Sardinera, the next day, on Saturday, very early, watching one of the spectacular and beautiful things that nature can give us: a sunrise in the sea.


We will anchor and have our breakfast. We could get a bathe or practise snorkel in the turquoise waters, full of fish and Posidonia. If somebody miss to step the land, we can go ashore with the auxiliary boat and enjoy the beach. Even if there are a lot of divers in the crew and enough quorums, we could practise scuba diving (before to go out of Valencia we have got needed gears for that).


In agreement with all crew, but always with final approval of the skipper, we could go visiting others bays like the "Granadella" and "Cala Blanca", the most spectacular of all, and of this way it will start our weekend.

San Antonio cape between Javea & Denia, on passing on boatrip
Tallada cove between Dénia & Jávea from the sail ship
Dolphins come along with us during course to Javea


20:00: Meeting in Valencia port, stowage and distribution of cabins

21:00-22:00: Dinner onboard

23:00: Set sail to JÁVEA


7:00-8:00: Arrival time to JÁVEA

9:00-10:00: Breakfast anchored in the bay

10:00-18:00: Tour for the best bays of JÁVEA (Cala Blanca, Portitxol, Granadella...) depending of our choice and sea conditions.

19:00-20:00: We will search a bay in the area which allows us to spend the peacefully night at safeguard and anchored in the bay. It could be the last bay which we visit or the first bay, depending of the weather. There is also the possibility to go to port of Jávea or Denia.

21:00-22:00: Dinner and we could pass Saturday night a different way. Although the most beautiful part of the trip is the direct contact with the nature, if there is enough quorum and claim for crew members, we can organize a visit to go ashore, which also depends on the place where we will sleep with the boat.



8:00-10:00: We’ll have our breakfast watching other amazing sunrise and after that, we set sail to Valencia. During the trip of come back, if the weather and the sea allow us, we can make a stop. For example in the Cove "Tallada" close to Denia or in the same port of Denia to have our lunch in a restaurant, and after that we’ll continue the trip. Even we can stop in the middle of the sea and refresh us with a swim in the clear and clean of high sea waters.

16:00-17:00: Planned arrival to Valencia. In all case is important to say this time is subject of modifications according with the needs of the passengers and his times of return together with other transport method and everybody can come back at home in time.


All sites of EL BARCO INGLES are calm places, situated in natural and privileged areas... even mostly of them are only accessible with boat, so you could appreciate places that you never have been before...

To perform this trip, it should have a minimum quorum of passenger, and if it doesn´t achieved,  the trip could be moved to other week.


The cruise planned is suitable to be adjusted or modified according with the weather conditions,  state of the sea and wind, or whatever considerations of security to the crew and the sailboat that skipper could consider. Adverse conditions of wind and waves, and security reasons of the crew and/or the sailboat can modify this itinerary without right to compensation.


The price of this excursion is of 220€/pax.


The price doesn´t include all that activities you could practice out of the sailboat.


To book your place, will be enough to make us a bank transfer of 100€/pax and send a copy of it to info@elbarcoinges.es 

The places are limited. You can book your place or get more information through of info@elbarcoinges.es or give us a call or whatsapp to +34 622.62.62.21.

Don´t leave this chance... this is a unique opportunity to enjoy of a different weekend in a close paradise!!


Don´t lose your place! book now and enjoy!

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