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Sailing trip to Jávea

The Jávea coastline is well known for its spectacular coves and seabeds, with crystal clear turquoise waters. You can go like every year with a car full of things, to a crowded beach, or you have another alternative...
How about being on the beachfront every day but without having to get up early or look for parking. You don't need to queue for a beer, because you'll have an electric fridge at your fingertips, full of your favorite brand, and what's more, it cooks 2 meters away to make you whatever you want. If you want to go into the water, it's just jumping, you'll have your "private beach", without anyone bothering you. After the bath, use your own shower. You will not have to compete with anyone for 2 square meters, you will be on the beach... without sand
How is all this possible? Coming to Jávea with us on our sailboat!! 
If you are traveling alone, or if you are a small group and fancy a different weekend, we present a new original plan that you may not have considered, a 1-weekend voyage on a sailboat. Live the emerald coast of Jávea from another point of view.

Photo gallery in Javea


The crew stayed for a weekend in the spring or fall. Essential: the weather forecast must be reasonable. We will meet on Friday around 8:00 p.m. in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, to introduce ourselves, chat about safety regulations, behavior on board, knowledge of the ship, etc... under the skipper's instructions.
Once everything is stowed and the cabins distributed, we head to Jávea, after having dinner on the boat, we leave Valencia around 11:00 p.m. We will arrive at Cala de Portitxol, the next day, Saturday, very early, contemplating one of the most beautiful spectacles that nature gives us: a sunrise at sea. 
We anchor and have breakfast. We can swim or snorkel in almost always turquoise waters, full of fish and posidonia. We can go ashore and enjoy the beach, taking a ride with the auxiliary boat. If there are divers in the group and a sufficient quorum, we can practice scuba diving (if before leaving Valencia we have everything necessary for it).
As the morning unfolds and in agreement with all the crew members, although with the final approval of the skipper we will be able to visit other coves such as Granadella and Cala Blanca, the most spectacular in the area by far, and that is how our weekend will begin.

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