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Travel through the Caribbean.
Lesser Antilles


Sailing around the Caribbean


If you dream of white sand beaches and want to enjoy the Caribbean climate, you no longer have to wait for summer to arrive: the Caribbean is undoubtedly the place of your dreams.

Here we offer you a sailing tour of the Lesser Antilles:  

Martinique - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent - Bequia - Mayreau - Tobago Cays - Union Island - Little Saint Vincent - Grenada

This set of small islands is famous for bringing together the best places to sail, anchor and savor the Caribbean life that many of us daydream about. Dream no more and go live a perfect experience in the Caribbean Sea. The full week, with travel and accommodation included on the sailboat...

At El Barco Inglés we will be enjoying a spectacular sailing tour through the Lesser Antilles. This set of small islands is famous for bringing together the best places to sail, anchor and savor the Caribbean life that many of us daydream about. Dream no more and go live a perfect experience in the Caribbean Sea.

Why choose Caribbean vacations?

Choose the Caribbean because it is a stress-free land and you need a place like this for your vacation. Of course you have dream landscapes everywhere. Along with this, this part of the world is especially attractive for sailing, with ideal conditions, with constant winds, temperatures close to 30º all year round, with water always around 26º, thanks to its eternal sun and special climate" 

This is not a cruise to use, in the style of large cruise ships. Our boats enter where they cannot, being able to directly reach the best and most beautiful corners of the Caribbean, directly, spending the night in them. You can jump directly into the sea and snorkel, from your terrace or solarium on the boat. You can go ashore whenever you want, you can even reach it by swimming. We offer you to visit multiple countries, every day on an island, in a different culture. You have the possibility of sailing on a sailboat for individual seats, occupying your own cabin with its bathroom. We can even change the course if we feel like staying longer in one place. Along with all these advantages, it is cheaper than those cruises, and brings the world of sailing closer to any pocket.


Did you know...?

Much of the scenes in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" were shot in the Tobago Cays, a group of five uninhabited cays with phenomenal lagoons full of green turtles, coral reefs, colorful fish and crystal clear waters. The dream of any diver! But you don't have to be an expert diver to enjoy all of this, as there is a marine park, Tobago Cays Marine Park, where you can snorkel and swim with sea turtles and many other things.

How is the trip on the sailboat through the Caribbean.

The daily routine of your sailing vacation with EL BARCO INGLES  It's very simple... Imagine that you get out of bed and if you feel like it, you directly take a dip in the sea, which you have a few meters from you. Breakfast on the deck/terrace, some activity like swimming, snorkeling, etc. and weigh anchor to our next little cove to eat. These crossings will normally be short, one or two hours, which we will take advantage of to sunbathe and relax on deck. Afterwards, bath, food, siesta... lying in the sun, to finally perhaps, change cove to spend the night, in which, depending on the point on the map, we can go out to enjoy the party of the place, well, let's go. the party on board or on the beach, with the rest of the crew.

During your sailing vacation we will accommodate a maximum of 8 people including the skipper and the sailor. The boat will be our apartment and our means of transportation. 

To start our sailing vacation, we will meet at the Marina Du Marin, Le Marin, Martinique,  to chat about safety rules, behavior on board, knowledge of the ship, etc. and prepare the shopping list for the trip under the instructions of the skipper.
Once the shopping list is drawn up, we go to a supermarket. Doing this represents a great saving for the pockets of the crew members, since it allows them to eat and drink on the ship, in most cases, and also ensures that all the crew members will be able to consume their favorite products. However, if there is sufficient quorum among the crew, there will also be the option of eating in restaurants in the coves that we visit.
On the way back from shopping, after stowing and putting the boat to the sound of the sea, we have dinner and the next day in the morning we will set sail for St. Lucía and once anchored, we bathe, swim, dive... and begin to enjoy our sailing vacation in the Caribbean!

trip itinerary


Extra information


We remind you that sailing holidays are a participatory activity in which the crew must take care of the tasks on board. In shifts, we will cook, we will wash the kitchen utensils, we will take care of the cleaning and even those who wish can participate by standing guard during the night navigation.

Likewise, it should be noted that the distribution of the cabins is not individual but double. The availability of fresh water on board is not unlimited, and its consumption must be moderated responsibly.

The places will be filled in order of reservations. The reservation is understood to be formalized once the entry of the corresponding reservation has been made.
People who have already sailed with us on other occasions will have a 10% discount and if you bring a friend we will also give him/her a 5% discount.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by mail at or at +34 622.62.62.21 

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