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Tailor-made sailing trips


tailor-made cruise

From a day, a weekend, to weeks, we prepare a cruise tailored to your needs.

You can prepare a birthday on board, a weekend in Jávea and Dénia, a week exclusively in Formentera, visit Mallorca for 10 days... Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee that you will have a great time on board.  


Why don't you change this vacation year? You can go where you always or as always, or you can go where you have always wanted and as you never would have thought. Instead of another apartment near a crowded beach, choose this time another type of accommodation, perfectly equipped like a house, for up to 3 families, with which you will be in front of a different beach every day: a luxurious sailing yacht. With it you move and you will get rid of the need for the car for a few days. In addition, you do not need nautical knowledge, we put the captain, who will guide you in everything you need.


From the month of April to the beginning of October we offer you to sail with us through the Mediterranean (Balearic Islands, Columbretes, Denia, Jávea...) with unbeatable weather conditions and itineraries and budgets for all audiences.


Do you want to come sailing on a sailboat to enjoy your holidays alone, with your family or with your friends? Well now you can! Enjoying a sailing vacation is no longer a luxury to become the cheapest option on your vacation.  Spending a few days with friends or with children in a comfortable boat, near the coast, where it is possible to spend the night, eat, enjoy the sea and call at different ports, is an experience that everyone who tries, repeats and gets hooked.

tailor-made cruise

It is cheaper than renting apartments or reserving a hotel room. The trip and accommodation are made in the same medium, the ship. Being a sailboat, the cost of diesel is always very low, and the wind is free. On the other hand, spending nights in coves is free and being like a floating apartment, you take food and drinks with you and prepare them to your liking. Our boats can accommodate up to 12 people, which further reduces expenses. Finally, when you are on board you almost always have everything and you don't miss going ashore, so you incur much less normally unnecessary expenses.
Some of our most contracted trips are a week in Ibiza and Formentera in summer, travel and accommodation, from €400 per person.

A weekend, in Jávea or Columbretes, €200 per person all included, food, drink, travel, accommodation...

The offer of sailing on our sailboat in groups of between 6 and 11 people for a morning, a day, a weekend, a bridge, and even a week or two, is a different option to spend the summer in a profitable and fun way.

Enjoying the sea, nature and water activities, stopping at bustling ports full of shops, restaurants and nightlife, are other advantages that sailing offers.
Taking the children on board a boat during the holidays is a great opportunity for the little ones to learn about the sea, nature and life in different places. In addition, we can assure you that they especially love it, and since they are entertained all day alone and confined to the environment of the boat, you can relax longer. You can also combine sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, photography, and other water sports with visits to the coast and the best cuisine.


In addition, the crossings are adapted to the different needs of travellers, both in terms of destinations, budget and duration, since our different programs include the following possibilities:
You can rent the boat for yourself and your family and/or your group of friends, several boats, if you are more than 11 people, because we collaborate with several skippers and shipowners. Come by yourself, or with friends, hiring the trip for loose seats with more like-minded people. You can improve your English and carry out your linguistic immersion experience. If you are passionate about diving, we also do "liveaboard diving cruises". You can join a trip with "singles", within a fleet of several boats, every year in summer, we get together to stay for entire weeks, in Ibiza and Formentera. You can also embark as part of a crew of people related to you or to a certain hobby (photo cruise, to practice a certain sport in common, such as freediving or canoeing, or only for gays, lesbians, swingers, etc.

As we say, now the sailing trip is no longer an option available to a few to become your alternative to traditional vacations. The price?: spending a few days on our sailboat is cheaper than many other plans... go to the trips menu , check it out or contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you and make you a budget without commitment, according to your needs.
For those people who want something different for their days of leisure, far from the traditional fast and stressful organized trips.

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