4H - MORNINGS FROM 1000 am TO 1400 pm

vacancies available

for 39€

(branch &

solf drinks included)

"Our nautical half journey way out will be all Saturdays & Sunday, every time wheather allow us and there will be enough crew quorum alike, in the surroundings of Port and coast of Valencia. A unique chance to enjoy a wonderful journay at sea!! "


To start our tour in sailboat around Valencia coast, we meet us in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I at 10:00h to speak about rules of security, the behaviour onboard, the sailboat, etc. under instructions of our Skipper and afterwards, we will be ready to go out port and set sail.


We will sail the hole morning to the proximities of Valencia. If you never has been sailing before in this area, you could watch the coast from a different point of view. it is a special nautical baptism which give you new sensations.


Furthermore, if the weather conditions are favourable, we could enjoy of a great bathing in high sea, where you will be surprised of the clean water never seen before only a few miles from the coast of Valencia. At midway, we will offer you a little lunch, and the return to the port is planned to be moored at 14:30h.


This cruise offers you different possibilities, even it could be in mode of linguistic immersion or just to relax you and enjoy. Even more, everyone who wish it, he/she could help us, and we could explain and teach to everybody whatever wants to learn about the secrets of the navigation with sails.


The price of this activity is 39€ per person, and in this amount is included the little brunch and soft drinks per person. Those persons who has been sailing before with us in others occasions shall have a discount of 10%. In the same way, if you have been sailing with us and bring somebody, this person will has a discount of 5%.


To carry out the trip, it must have been a minimum quorum of passenger.


Besides there is a possibility to plan events and celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc...), so we are open to hear all yours suggestions...


We are waiting you onboard...!

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