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These cancellation conditions are applicable to trips for places on the sailboat organized by EL BARCO INGLÉS and published on this page. The expenses to be paid for cancellation of the trip will be those detailed below:

Up to 15 days prior to embarkation, no cancellation fees will be paid. The total amount paid for the trip reservation will be refunded, at the request of the interested party and regardless of the reasons for the cancellation.
After this period, the amount paid for the reservation is lost, therefore it is recommended that an external insurance be taken out (at the user's own expense) to cover unforeseen contingencies beyond the user's control (illness, official summons, etc).
At any time, up to 1 week before boarding, you can request, free of charge, the change for a trip on any other date of those scheduled on our pages, provided that there are places available, being paid or discounted the difference in the price of the trip.

If you are unable or unwilling to make a trip for any reason, up to the time of boarding, you may designate another person to take your place under the same conditions and with the same obligations as you had, without any additional disbursement.
For any communication of change of trip or cancellation, it will be sufficient to send an e-mail to, requesting acknowledgment of receipt of the same and indicating whether it is a cancellation or a change of trip and the new date requested. You can also use our contact form. You must provide us with a telephone number where we can contact you.
In some cruises the departure is only guaranteed with a minimum number of participants, and if this minimum is not reached, the cruise may be canceled and the amount refunded, without any right to compensation.
Due to adverse weather conditions and/or sea conditions, the itinerary may suffer variations in the route as well as in the place of embarkation and disembarkation, and the trip may even be cancelled, since safety and comfort take precedence over other reasons, so that in this case, the amount paid for the reservation of the trip would be refunded, without the right to any compensation. However, the user may opt for another trip of those scheduled on different dates.
Due to the mixed management of boats in property and boats under management: The boats under management belong to shipowners who entrust us with the management of customer reservations for an entire season. Sometimes this booking management is not even exclusive, but they work with other booking agencies like us. Therefore in these cases our company acts as a mere intermediary, being the management of the boat, the lease and the payments sent directly to the owner of the boat.
It is very rare but sometimes it has happened that one of the boats has had a technical problem and/or breakdown, and could not be available for the contracted date. In that case or in any other case in which the boat is not available for the contracted date, the lessor (the owner of the boat) will proceed to cancel the contract with full refund of all amounts received so far, and without the lessee or other passengers any compensation for this cancellation, reimbursement of airline tickets, etc.


The aim of this conduct policy is to ensure that all crew members can enjoy a safe and pleasant vacation. To this end, these basic rules of conduct have been drawn up and must be observed by everyone on board. Safety and security are everyone's responsibility. If a person detects dangerous or irregular behavior, and believes that any kind of harm may occur, he/she should immediately bring it to the attention of the Captain. This Policy of Conduct is not intended to be exhaustive or limiting, so it is possible that situations may arise that are not covered by it, in which case the crew must inform the Captain and always follow his instructions, who as the first authority on board will take appropriate measures to ensure the safety, security and welfare of all persons on board.
In accordance with legal provisions and international treaties, the Master has full authority to disembark during the voyage anyone who engages in unlawful activities on board the vessel. Offensive language on board, inappropriate or abusive behavior, including non-consensual physical contact, as well as any other conduct or activity considered inappropriate, dangerous or illegal is not permitted. Safety instructions must be followed at all times. Smoking is not permitted inside cabins. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs a person's judgment and reduces his or her ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Those wishing to consume alcoholic beverages must do so in a responsible manner. The ship's Captain may block the consumption of alcoholic beverages to anyone who consumes alcohol irresponsibly. Anyone going ashore and consuming alcohol is responsible for doing so judiciously and for maintaining their ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations upon returning to the ship. Parents and guardians are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their children and dependents at all times.
The carrying or use of drugs or other illegal substances is prohibited. Illegal drugs or substances will be confiscated and appropriate action will be taken, including expulsion and intervention by the appropriate authorities. In addition, please be advised that the foreign governments of the ports of call have strict laws regarding the possession and/or use of drugs. Persons violating such laws will be subject to arrest and prosecution by the foreign jurisdiction, and may not be allowed to reboard.
No objects that generate heat or produce flames such as irons, electric stoves, candles, incense or any other object that could cause a fire are allowed on board. Weapons, explosives or any other object that represents a risk to persons or property are not allowed on board. Possession of items such as diving knives must be declared to the ship's Captain at the time of embarkation.

Should any passenger develop symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, such as vomiting or diarrhea, or of any other nature, the Captain should be alerted immediately. In addition, because certain illnesses remain contagious for 72 hours or more after symptoms subside, symptoms should occur prior to the start of the vacation, this circumstance should be brought to the attention of the ship's Captain to enable the crew to take the necessary measures to avoid contagion. For health reasons, it is strongly recommended that everyone on board wash their hands with soap and hot water after using the bathroom and before eating or handling food. Since the ship may not carry sufficient quantities of certain medications and certain medications may not be available at ports of call, all persons on board should ensure that they carry sufficient quantities of the medications they require for the entire duration of the cruise. Pregnant women must carry a medical certificate attesting to the passenger's and baby's good health and medical suitability for the voyage. Since the ship is not equipped for delivery assistance, passengers who are in the 24th week of pregnancy or in a more advanced stage of gestation on the date of termination of a voyage will not be accepted on board. El Barco Inglés declines any responsibility that may arise, during the trip or after the end of the trip, as a consequence of complications in the pregnancy of a pregnant woman or other circumstances related to the same.
Disabled persons, depending on their degree of disability, may travel unaccompanied as long as they are self-sufficient, so they should take into account their situation when planning their vacations. In case of doubt about the ability to take care of their own needs or personal hygiene, it is recommended to consult with the Captain of the ship, who will inform, allowing a personalized assessment of the suitability of the person to travel without personal assistance for the duration of the trip. At the time of embarkation the ship's Captain will assess the passengers' ability to determine if they are fit to travel safely without assistance and may deny them access to the ship or disembark them from the ship at the next port of call.
Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behavior and proper supervision of children under 18 years of age and incapacitated persons or dependents. This regime of responsibility shall apply at all times, regardless of whether parents and guardians are physically in the company of minors, incapacitated persons or dependents. Parents or guardians must not allow passengers under 18 years of age and their dependents to leave the ship at the port of call without the supervision of a responsible adult.
Persons who are removed from a ship for non-compliance with the Conduct Policy will be responsible for procuring and paying for their own accommodation and return transportation. Documentation requirements for re-entry into their home country will also be their responsibility; the Conduct Policy helps to ensure that everyone on board enjoys a safe and enjoyable experience during their voyage.
By making your booking, you have agreed to the conduct policy, privacy policy, terms of business as well as the provisions for cookies & internet advertising. You are also aware of the current right of return policy in our terms of business.
El Barco Inglés thanks you in advance for respecting the policy and wishes you an enjoyable vacation.


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