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Weekend in the Columbretes Islands

Do you know what are and where are the Columbretes Islands? They are a group of islands that form a protected nature reserve, located about 30 miles off the coast of Castellón and about 50 miles north of Valencia.
They are a natural paradise, rich in biodiversity and unique. They can be visited aboard a sailboat, being within a weekend's sail from Valencia, leaving on Friday night and returning on Sunday evening. It is a perfect destination if you are getting a nautical qualification or you already have it, this is an ideal trip for you, if you want to spend a different weekend and if you like snorkeling, here you will find an incredible variety of species, as soon as you dive and at night, as there is no light pollution from the coast, you will see the stars like never before. You will also get to know one of the most beautiful and impressive natural reserves of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, which can only be accessed in small groups and with medium sized boats.
A full weekend, full board accommodation and the trip can be done from 220€ per person.

A little more information about Columbretes

History of the Columbretes Islands.

The Columbretes Islands are a small archipelago of volcanic origin located about 35 miles off the coast of Castellón. There are about twenty islands and islets that occupy 600 hectares.

The largest island is Grossa Island, with an extension of 10 hectares. It is the one that appears in these first photos. It may look like the crashed ship of the Alien saga, but no, it is only a volcanic crater, quite large.

They have been known since ancient times. The Romans called it Colubraria, the Greeks Ophiusa and the Iberians Moncolobrer, referring to the large number of snakes that inhabited them. For centuries they were used as a refuge for pirates. 

The Columbretes is a quiet and privileged place with nature in its purest state... so much so that this wonderful paradise is only accessible by boat.

Flora and fauna in the islands.

The relative poverty of species of the terrestrial environment, contrasts with the biodiversity of the marine reserve, which is home to hundreds of species. In the Columbretes there is an abundance of red coral, seriously threatened in other areas.

You will see how by jumping off the boat and snorkeling you will be able to see a multitude of groupers without much effort. And if you are lucky you can swim with sea turtles.

In addition to these, you will find sea bream, sea bream, sea bream, black sea bass, scorpion fish, snapper and schools of sardines and anchovies, which attract occasional species such as tuna and swordfish.

Travel Plan

To start our sailing vacation to Columbretes, we will meet on Friday afternoon at the port of Valencia, in order to introduce ourselves, talk about safety rules, behavior on board, knowledge of the boat, etc., under the instructions of the skipper. Once everything has been stowed and the cabins have been distributed, we will set sail for Columbretes.
We will leave Valencia after having dinner on the boat, and we will arrive at the Columbretes archipelago on Saturday at dawn, and if we are lucky with the weather, we will contemplate wonderful views like this one. We will anchor, have breakfast and visit Grossa Island, accompanied by one of the park guides. The visit is free of charge.

As we are in a protected and perfectly preserved natural area, it is only allowed to visit in small groups, not to leave the marked path, to respect the animals and plants, not to smoke or light fires and not to leave trash or debris in our path. We will spend the day snorkeling, swimming, eating or sunbathing. You will be surprised to see large groupers in large numbers on your first dive. To dive in Columbretes with a bottle you need a previous authorization.

Later we will have dinner, and spend the night anchored aboard our boat in Columbretes under the starlight, which we are sure you have not been able to see before, with this clarity. If the weather conditions allow it, being more than 50 km from any coast, and therefore there is no light pollution, this will allow us to see the celestial dome with such luminosity that sometimes you can even see the Milky Way reflected in the calm waters of the inlet of Grossa Island. 

The next day, we will leave in the morning to return to Valencia, enjoying a pleasant return crossing, which if the wind is favorable, as is usual on the return, we can make it even more enjoyable, to be propelled by our sails.
The arrival is usually in Valencia between 17.00-18.00h on Sunday.

For the realization of the trip there must be a minimum quorum of passengers, which if not reached, would mean the cancellation of the trip. 
The planned itineraries are approximate and are normally feasible at the time of the year in which they are scheduled, either in spring or autumn. Adverse weather conditions and/or safety reasons for the crew or the boat, and/or very uncomfortable sailing conditions due to wind and waves may cause this route to vary, without giving rise to any right to claim. 
The price of this excursion is 220€/person. It does not include food, drinks, fuel and mooring.

To book, it will be enough to make a transfer of 100€/person and send a copy of the transfer receipt to info@elbarcoinglé
Places are limited. You can book your place or get more information through or also by calling us or by whatsapp at (+34) 622.62.62.21.
Come on and book now! Don't miss out on your place!

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