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"If you have a weekend and are looking for a different place, isolated and close alike, and wild too, visit Columbretes island with our boat trip. You will spend the night there on sail boat, which is the only way to get and stay there, so you will watch the sky like you never did it before thanks to the distance from coast. You will discover one of the beautiful and amazing marine reserves of the spanish mediterranean coast , only reacheable in small groups and with medium size boats"

sailboat Anchored in Columbretes skyview

The Columbretes Islands, is a small volcanic origin archipelago located at 35 nautical miles from off shore Castellon. These are a group of island and small islets which are scattered around an area of 600 hectares.

The bigger island is Isla Grossa which has an extension of 10 hectares. You can see it in these images. It seems to the crashed derelict starship of Aliens movies, but doesn't, only it is a big volcanic crater!.


They are well known from ancient age. The Romans called it Colubraria, the Greeks Ophiusa and the Iberians Moncolobrer. All that names arise for the existence of snakes which habitated the islands. Along centuries they were used like refuge in the close area of operation of pirates.


The Columbretes, is a quiet and privileged place with nature in pure state... whilst to this amazing paradise you can exclusively access by boat.

Location of Columbretes island in Castellón coast
Sailboats anchored in Grossa island bay in Columbretes

The relative poverty of species of terrestrial environment, contrast with the biodiversity of the marine reserve, house hundreds of vegetables and animals species. Other particularity of Islas Columbretes is the red coral. seriously threatened in many places.

Effortless as you dive snorkel, you will see lots of meres. If you are lucky even sea turtles..

Furthermore there are in the Columbretes: the mere, sea bream, saddled, chop suey, the black sea bass, scorpion fish, the snapper and shoals of sardines and swordfish.

Sea turtle snorkeling in Columbretes in our boatrip

To start our holidays in sailboat to Columbretes, we meet us on Friday afternoon in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, to speak about rules of security, the behaviour onboard, the knowledge of the sailboat, etc. under our skipper instructions.


One time to stow all things and distributed the cabins, we set course to Columbretes in the sailyacht.


We will go out Valencia after have our dinner in the sailboat and we will arrive at archipelago of the Columbretes on Saturday sunrise, and if we get lucky with the weather, we could see marvellous views like this:

Dawn from charter boat in our holidays to columbretes islands

We will moor in a buoy, have our breakfast and visit the Isla Grossa with a personal guide from the park. The visit is free.


Like we are in a natural place protected and perfectly preserved, only it allowed to be visited in small groups, don´t go out of the delimited way, respect at the animals and plants, don´t smoke or light fires, respect all local laws and don´t leave rubbish and residues of our transit behind.


We will spend the entire day to practise snorkel, to swim, to eat or sunbathe, in this place full of unique fauna. You will be amazed to watch a lot of quite large group of fishes just right in the first dive. To scuba-dive it is necessary special authorizations.

Later we will have our dinner and dedicate the night anchored under the light of stars, which it surely, as you have never watched before with that clarity in such a place located more than 50 km from coast, so there isn´t light pollution.  This scenario allow us to watch the celestial dome, with such a brightness than sometimes the Milky way is reflected at sea.


The next day, weigh anchors in the morning to come back to Valencia, while we enjoy of a lovely cruise, and if the wind is ok for us, this will led us still a more pleasant voyage if we are carried for our sails. Meanwhile is quite probable to have sighting of dolphins.


We will arrive to Valencia around 17:00-18:00.


To perform this trip, it should have a minimum quorum of passengers, and if it doesn´t achieved, we’ll programme it other week.

The cruise planned to this trip could be adjusted or modified according with the weather conditions, of state of the sea and wind and the considerations of security for the crew and the sailboat when the skipper can consider. Adverse conditions of wind and waves, as well as security reasons for the crew and/or the sailboat can modify this itinerary without right to any compensation.


The price of this excursion is of 220€/pax.

To book your place, will be enough to make a direct bank transfer of 100€/pax and send us a copy of that to info@elbarcoinglé

The places are limited. You can book your place or get more information through  or phone us or whatsapp to (+34) 622.62.62.21.


Book and enjoy now! Don´t lose your place!

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