"What do you think to be in first line of the beach all days, but without to have to wake up early morning, to look for parking. It is not necessary queuing to have a cold and expensive beer, because you will get it in an electric fridge, full of beers, of your favourite brand, and even, the kitchen at only 2 metres to make that you wish. If you want go to the water you only need one jump, you will got your private beach, without anybody bothering you. And after the swim, you can use your own shower. You don´t need to compete with anybody for 2 square metres, you will be in the beach... without sand!"


From April until the beginning of October, we offer you to sail with us through the Mediterranean (Isla Baleares, Columbretes, Denia, Jávea...) with excellent climatic conditions and routes for every badgets.


Would you like come with us to sail in a our yacht and enjoy of your holidays alone, with your family or with your friends? Now you can do it!


Yes... Enjoy holidays in sailboat now ceases to be a luxury and become in an economic option


Spend some days with friends or with the childrens in a comfortable sailboat, close to the coast, where is possible to sleep, to eat, enjoy the sea or stop in different ports, is an experience that everybody can try it, repeat it and he/she will get hooked.


Considering all that you get, It is cheaper to rent an apartment or booking a bedroom in a hotel. And why it is? Fundamentally for some reasons:

- The trip and the accommodation are in the same method: The sailboat.

- As she is a sailboat, the consume of fuel is always reduced, and the wind is free.

- To spend nights in bays we don´t need to pay any extra money. Only if we go to the port.

- The boat is a floating flat, you can carry with you the food and the drinks, you can prepare every plate by yourself at your taste.

- As the costs are shared, this is reduced per persons, so it is ideal for groups or families.

- Dispensable the vehicle one time you are in the sailboat. It's supposed to save money at many levels.

- Our sailboats have a capacity up to 12 persons. This reduce even more the costs.

- Finally, as we are embarked, we have all over onboard and you won’t miss go ashore, so in this way you reduce even more all cost by means not buy unnecessary things or content restaurants & bars expenditures

Do not think it is for the super-rich people, and we explain you with real examples:

·         A week sailing in Ibiza and Formentera in the summer, trip and accommodation, from 535€ per person.

·         A weekend sailing in Jávea or Columbretes, 200€ per person.

The offer to sail in a sailboat in groups between 6 and 11 persons during a morning, one day, or a weekend or even a week and two weeks, so it is a different option to spend the summer in a profitable and funny way.


Enjoy the sea, the nature and the different water activities, stop in lively ports and night parties, these are the advantages that provide navigation.


Carry the kids onboard of a sailboat during the holidays goes further than a big opportunity for children to learn about the sea, the nature and the life in different places. Furthermore we can assure you that they will love especially this activity, and they will be delighted all day entertaining theirselves alone, meanwhile are confined in the environment of the sailboat, so you could relax more time.


Also you can combine the navigation with the scuba diving, snorkel, fishing, photography, and others water sports, among visits to the coast and the best gastronomy.

· You can rent the boat for you and your family and/or your friend´s group.

· You can rent some sailboats, if you are more of 11 persons, just because we have available several skippers and sail ships

· You can come alone, or with friends, hiring the trip per each place with more people.

· You can improve English language and make your experience of linguistic immersion onboard El Barco Ingles.

· If you love scuba diving, we make on board live scuba diving cruisers

· You offer "singles’ holidays, within a fleet of some sailboats with more singles like you, all summers every year. We meet us to travel a complete week sailing in Ibiza and Formentera.

· Besides you can embark forming part of a crew of people with the same feeling like, e.g.  a particular passion (photography’s cruiser, to practise a particular sport in common, like the free diving or the kayaking, or only for gays, lesbians, swinger’s persons, etc...)

As we said, now sailboat cruising has ceased to be an option only for some few persons to convert in an alternative of the traditional holidays. Price?: spend some days in sailboat is cheaper than many other plans... if you click on menu VIAJES, you can check it, but  contact us directly, we will kindly attend you and budget you without commitment based on your needings.


All to those persons which want some different way to the entertainment´s days, far of traditional trips organized too fast and stress.


Do not doubt and take this option for a different holidays!

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